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Resume Tips for Senior Citizens

Resume Tips for Senior Citizens

Whether your resume is appealing to your potential employer means a lot, because you probably have only 10 seconds to stand out among the resumes of other applicants. To get the attention of your prospective employer, your resume should be clean and crisp. You should summaries your necessary background information in a few sentences instead of presenting your employment history with 10 or 12 pages. Here are some useful tips for you to consider in keeping your resume to a manageable length.
1. To begin with your resume, you should establish a word document and choose the business type font, for example the type of Arial or Times New Roman and provide the information related with your contact details such as your name, address and telephone number. Other things including your age, height, weight and marital status are unnecessarily required.

2. For further contacts, you had better give your email address. If you do not have a computer at home, you should visit local Internet café regularly to see what happens after sending out your resume. Today many employers would like use the Internet rather than ordinary mail, because it is quicker and effective. If you have an email, it would clearly show you are capable of some basic computer skills in some sense.

3. List your education in the way that you go with the most recent at the beginning and then move your way backwards. If you think you are weak at this area, you should provide something about what  you have done before, for instance, you could say you have got the certificate of “Welding Certificate Level One, Henderson Community College, 2005” or you are now studying for examination of the GED.

4. Introduce roughly about your employment history and your specific skills with each of your previous position. There is no need to illustrate your last three or four jobs in the past 10 to 15 years.

5. It is strongly suggested that you should slant your resume towards the job suitable for the senior to do. For example, if you apply a position relative to walking dogs, you should tell something about your interests in “Hiking and backpacking” in your resume.

6. Try not to specify your personal information about why you left the previous position or your salary history. Instead, you could note in your cover letter that you would be glad to talk more about it when you get the chance for an interview.

7. At the last part of your resume, you should conclude with “References ready upon request.” You should get someone to act as your referees. When asked to provide necessary information, they would be happy to do so.

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