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Resume Tips for Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent

After you have finished the real estate exam with your license received, you would try to be clear about the situation of the selling market in your region. Now it is the time for you to apply for a job of real estate agent. To draw the attention of your prospective employers, you need to show your knowledge about the market and your personable ability in dealing with the customers. Therefore, an effective and well-written resume which would match with the requirements of modern real estate offices is efficiently needed.

1. Go for a functional format.

When you consider your resume as a real estate agent, it is proper to do it in the a functional style resume format, which requires a number of special skills, involved in selling and marketing experience as well as good command of the real estate concept and practice. So it is strongly suggested that you should demonstrate your own specific skills related with real estate rather than listing all of the jobs you have held before. For example, if you had some kind of job in sales and you think it would be helpful in getting the job in real estate sales, so you could emphasize your ability of customer relationship management. Such type of format would help HR manager at the real estate agency easily and quickly find out you should be valuable to the team if you are given the job.

2. Create your own personal realtor website.

If you want to present a nice resume, you had better find a professional to help you create your own personal realtor website. Even if you are totally new to the real estate business, the well-designed and informative website would be an effective attachment to your resume, but not a written one, just on line. The website should include your short biography consisting of selling background and licensing details, the customer testimonials, an attractive photo as well as necessary references. The domain name of your website should be easily recognized with your first and last name or the key word “Realtor”.

3. Try to be technologically prepared.

As now we are in the Internet Age, the real estate industry has already gone digital like other sectors of the society. You should demonstrate your recruiters that you are familiar with the social media websites, like Twitter and Facebook. If you have a large number of fans, friends, or followers on one of these social networking websites, you would clearly show that you have wide connections in your area, which could be much helpful in home sales with in the future to the eyes of your potential employers.

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