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Resume Tips for Nurses


According to the data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008, there were nearly 2.6 million nurses then, who made up the biggest segment of the healthcare industry. With more and more nursing jobs available in the field, it is very important for the nurses to present a good resume if they want to apply for such jobs. Here are a few tips for nurses to consider when they write their resumes.

1. Focus on your special value.

As for a good nursing resume, it should clearly demonstrate your special value to the clinic or hospital where you are applying for. Therefore, you should list all necessary nursing experience and training you have so as to meet their requirements. For example, if you are applying a position of maternity nurses, instead of listing all of your nursing skills, you should focus on what you have done with mothers and babies. By doing so, you could write that you have 10-year midwifery experience in offering providing best possible maternity care in some hospitals rather than just saying working a nurse in one hospital.

2. Illustrate your credentials clearly.

It is strongly suggested that you should demonstrate and summarize your credentials by using bullet points rather than in a general way, because it would make your resume have a clean look, thus offering you the chance introduce yourself with the keywords such as geriatrics, hospice, nurse aid, which would help get your nursing resume appear easily and instantly in search engines

3. Concentrate your unique experience.

When writing your resume, in the part of work experience, instead of giving a generic list of nursing jobs, you are kindly advised that you should provide the information about the facility, caseload and specialization in the hospital or clinic you have worked. For instance, you could say that while you are good at cardiac nursing, the hospital where you had worked is the top one in heart procedures, which would put more weight on your resume.

4. Pay more attention to your achievements.

When talking of your experience, you should focus more on your achievements rather than your responsibilities. You should remember to try to be as specific as possible. For example, it is better to say “input 76 percent of patient information into the GBS Networking Administrative Tracking Software” than “took and recorded patient data.” By doing so, you could make clinic and hospital administrators be aware what you could do for their facilities if you are given a nursing job.

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