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Resume Tips for Lawyers


When you want to send out your resume as a lawyer, you should keep it more formal in the traditional chronological resume type, which would consist of an optional professional profile, the education you have received as well as your work experience by a reverse-chronological list. If you are an experienced lawyer, you should focus on your professional accomplishments and leadership roles at your previous positions at the firms, but for new law school graduate, you should tell more about your academic performance and clerkships. Here are a few tips you should consider when presenting your resume as a lawyer.

1. Start with your professional profile.

It is common that the resume of a lawyer would start with his or her professional qualifications at the first beginning. By doing so, you should briefly introduce, maybe in four to five sentences or bullet points, that how long you have been working in this field, your areas of professional expertise, and outstanding achievements in the profession. As far as recent graduate is concerned, due to lack of the legal accomplishments, you should concentrate on the law school you are graduated, your class rank as well as your academic knowledge in the area of law practice so as to present a better professional profile as expected.

2. Focus on your education.

After your professional profile, you would move to the education section, where you should provide necessary information about your law school, plus its location and the date of your graduation. In addition, you should give a detailed description the areas at which of you are specialized. It is also better to tell about some extracurricular activities that you have experienced, which could weigh more for your professional skills, like your participation in moot court or student bar associations. In the education section, you roughly touch on your undergraduate degree and what you have completed in coursework, more about the graduate level is necessary. If you are licensed to practice, you had better list the names of the states where you are qualified to do so. Remember to specify the date that you were admitted to the bar.

3. List your work experience.

If you have worked for some time without any relationship with law, in your work experience section, you are kindly advised to divide it into two sections: one about your legal experience and the other about your other professional experiences. If you have worked for several law firms, you should tell more about the major practice area you are responsible, the specialties of the firms you have worked for as well as detailed information about the accomplishments you have made there. If you are working on the partnership or solo practice, you should include such information in your resume. Furthermore, you should also tell your experiences as a summer associate if you have any so as to try offering any information which could help you get the job you are looking for.

4. Go on with other optional sections.

In such sections, you should include any professional memberships you have obtained, or anything related to mediation credentials, voluntary bar associations, mentoring experience, pro bono work, as well as other specialized technical skills which you have in regard to your area of practice.

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