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Resume Tips for Computer Science Major


If you are a graduate of computer science, you would have a quite number of opportunities to get a job and make your fortune. However, it is more important to make yourself presented properly by a quality resume, which could help you have your foot in the door of the company you are applying for. Therefore, when you prepare your resume, you had better focus on the accomplishments you had made; and the education and training you had received, that would make you stand out among other candidates and get the job you are expecting. Here are a few tips you could follow in regard to your resume preparation.

1. Show your operating systems techniques.

If you are applying a job concerning computer science, your resume should clearly demonstrate which operating systems you could handle easily and professionally as well as other skills related to the computer technology. If you have some certificates in any operating systems, you could list them in the education part of your resume, but remember to refer it as well in the work experience part. For example, you could show that you have achieved the MCSE certification as capability of network administration for your last job.

2. Demonstrate your database experience.

As graduate of computer science, your experience with databases is a vital part of your career. As for many HR managers, they would look for some job applicants, who are able to design, maintain and repair databases in addition to their skills network management or program writing. So when you are creating your resume, you should list your entire work experience in relation to database. You should be more careful if the database development is especially required in the job posting. By doing so, you could write out in detail any database programs you have used, for instance, you could start with basic programs like Microsoft Access and then move to the more advanced database programs like SQL and Oracle.

3. Illustrate your project management skills.

Project management skills are becoming more and more important in the world of computer science, and so is your resume, where you should illustrate your experience in project management from your previous jobs. You should write a detailed list clearly illustrating the projects of which you are the leader, as well as those projects in which you have participated. For more convincing effect, you had better give out the industry certifications related to project management you have achieved, for example the certifications from PMI. (Project Management Institute), because hiring managers are more concerned about the personal project management skills when they look for the competitive candidates.

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