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Resume Tips for Career Fairs

Resume Tips for Career Fairs

The career fair is a good place where you could find a lot of chances to hunt a job, because so many different companies would participate in such event at a same location. Instead of marketing yourself from one company to another by visit or calling, you could try your luck for several times under the same roof. As the competition could be fierce at a job fair, so it is very important that you should work out a well-prepared resume beforehand, which is crucial to the success of having a job. coming out ahead.

1. To be clear of your target.

Before the career fairs, the companies to attend would be listed on their web page or by printed materials. So you are strongly suggested that you should carefully go through these listed companies, and then choose the most suitable ones which could fit your expectations. When you have the shortlist of such company, it is the time to get more detailed information about them, such as the corporate culture, development, goals and objectives of the company. At the same time, you should also consider how well you would fit into that company and what you could contribute to it. At a job fair, the employers would be tired of the canned answers which could be universally used. However, if you show the distinct advantage in knowing the company well beforehand, it could impress your potential employer and you would get what you are looking for.

2. To get your objective adapted accordingly.

If you find the specific companies or positions you are expecting, it is better to have your resume fit into the requirements listed. It is very difficult to present the objective section of your resume at a job fair. In order to avoid the problem of rewriting your objective for each position you would apply, you had better create a clear objective which could be applied to several different companies at the same time. By doing so, you are kindly recommended to create a single, hard-hitting objective that would easily relay your aspiration for the job or capability of the job.

3. To create your resume nicely.

It is widely accepted that your resume used for the job fair should be short and straight to the point. You should do your utmost to create your resume in a single page with all necessary information. For such purpose, you should choose the combination resume, which could incorporate some elements from both a functional resume and a chronological resume, thus giving you the opportunity to illustrate your skills and work experience that are very important to the employer. When presenting your resume, you should remember not to list all your previous jobs and skills not necessary to the job you are applying for. What you should do is to make your resume focused and concise so as to make your employer know your job qualifications as quickly as possible, maybe just a glance.

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