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Resume Photo Tips

Resume Photo Tips
According to some professional information provider for jobs and employment in USA, when you send your employment package, you should include the resume photographs on the resume or application rather than sending it as an additional item. Your photograph should shine above all others when including it on your resume, therefore you should make some efforts to present a professional-looking photo so as to make sure that you make the right impression.

1. Get some preparation.

Firstly go for a trial run. You had better style your hair and put on clothing which is proper for the official photo shoot. Before several days when you are going to have your photograph taken, drink a lot of water to build yourself healthy, hydrated skin. Try not to take too much alcohol or caffeine. The day before having ¬†your photo taken, get a good night’s sleep and offer some time to yourself time in the morning in order to apply any makeup which would greatly enhance your features.

2. Dress nicely.

Depending on which skin type you have, you might complement your appearance with clothing. For better result by doing this, if you have a pink or rosy complexion, you had better got for a cool color such as blue or purple, and if your skin shade is darker or more golden. a warmer color like mocha or red would be more suitable. Never try to wear solid white, because it would usually wash out your complexion. If possible , avoid wearing clothes with bold patterns, as they might detract from the contours of your face.

3. Have proper lighting.

With the correct background, your photograph taken could make a great deal of difference. You should make best use of the warmer light of early morning and late afternoon so as to enhance your image with a radiant glow. When you have your photograph taken indoors, you should turn to red-eye flash feature of the camera. When taking the photograph, you should pose in front of a neutral background, by doing so, it would not detract from your appearance, and remember not to use too much back-lighting.

4. Go for better posing.

Posing at an angle to the camera slims your frame. Your “good side” is usually the side on which your hair is parted. When posing, have your lead shoulder slightly lowered to elongate the neck and create more dynamic angles. You should stick out your chin slightly in order to keep away from the appearance of a double chin. Just before your photograph is going to be taken, pinch your cheeks for that extra touch of color.If it is a particularly warm day when having your photograph taken, you should have tissues handy to blot oil or sweat off your face.