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Quality Customer Service Tips for Employees

Customer service
If you are involved in a customer service or have a job that needs regular customer contact, you should be aware that it is very challenging to provide good service. Therefore, it is always a daunting task for coping with irate customers and having to constantly “put out fires”. Here are a few tips that could help you perform your job effectively and keep customers happy.

1. To allow the customer to vent

Sometimes dissatisfied customers could become angry and frustrated. In such cases, the best thing you could do is to simply let them vent. If you interrupt them during their tirade, they are likely to become even angrier. Eventually, they will run out of steam and calm down, and you’ll be able to deal with them in a rational manner.

2. To learn to apologize

You should learn to offer an apology to the customer when he has explained the problem. Even if it is not the fault of your company that causes the customer’s problem. However an apology can diffuse anger and make the customer feel he is being respectfully treated. If your company is at fault for the problem, an apology demonstrates that you acknowledge the situation and are willing to solve the problem..

3. To seek approval

Once you offer a solution to the customer, make sure if it is acceptable to the customer. For instance, if the customer purchased defective merchandise, she perhaps would like to receive a refund rather than a replacement product. If you’re not authorized to offer a refund, offer alternatives such as a free product upgrade or a coupon for free merchandise.

4. To make it happen

If a customer makes a reasonable request, try to work out a way that you can honor it instead of immediately saying, “No, it’s against company policy.” If a customer wants something shipped tomorrow instead of waiting three days, contact the shipping department to see if it is feasible. Even if it can’t be done, the customer is likely to appreciate the effort.

5. To follow up

If you can’t solve the problem immediately and have to take more time for the additional steps, you should give the customer a specific time frame as to when you will be back in touch. Be sure to contact the customer within the time frame. If a delay occurs, contact the customer immediately and give the reason. Once you implement the solution, follow up with the customer within a short period to see how things are working out.