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Phone Flirting Tips

Tips for Your Phone Flirting

The phone is widely recognized as a very useful and wonderful way in regard to communication, especially when you use it for flirting, for it could reduce the tension caused by the face-to-face contact and hide your instant blush. Even if the fact that you could not see each in phone flirting is easily accepted, it is not quite different from the flirting in real life, for you should keep relaxed, maintain the same kind of attractive mannerisms, thus trying to make your voice sexy and playful in your phone flirting.

1. Have a nice voice.

During phone flirting, it is very important for you to keep the tone of your voice as much sexy, sweet and deep as possible. It is strongly suggested that you should never go overboard in an attempt in emulating a deep voice; actually you are not that kind of person. Try to make your natural voice with an octave down the scale. You had better make your voice funny and playful as well as inviting. You should remember that by starting with the greeting of Hello, you are really on phone flirting and avoid doing such thing in the middle of the conversation with your flirting object. To begin with the conversation, you could use a “What’s up, kitten.” or “Hiya, sexy,” to go for your phone flirting.

2. Keep proper mannerisms.

Although, your flirting object could not see your body language on the line, you should also make best use of it, for the tone of your voice could be subject to your mannerisms, from which, your flirting object could feel whether you are smiling or frowning. As far as such mannerisms are concerned, you had better sit with your arms open in a casual way, Try to let yourself be as much relaxed and comfortable as possible. During your flirting conversation, you should also apply to your imagination that you are really sitting opposite to your flirting object, with the look into her or his eyes when you are talking with them over the phone. By doing so, you could easily have your intimacy known to them. If necessary, you are kindly advised that you should look at yourself in a mirror to examine your facial expression to make sure that you would always keep smiling during the conversation.

3. Choose your words.

The words you choose in phone flirting means much in terms of fun it brings. If you begin with the discussions about some mundane, controversial and boring topics, it would be not helpful in your flirting attempt even if you think your tone and mannerisms are definitely flirtatious. In addition, if you try to be involved in political issues in the conversation, it would be useless for a successful flirt Instead, you should concentrate some airy or light topics, for instance, you could touch on the person you like best and want to know more about him by carefully choosing the key phrases as well as subtle hints. Furthermore, you should better avoid turning your phone flirting into something related to phone obscenities. It would scare away somebody immediately. That is the last thing you would expect from your flirtation.

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