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Performance Appraisal Writing Tips

Performance Appraisal Writing Tips
It is the dreadful thing for most employees when they have to write performance appraisal, as are supervisors. If you are a manager, it could be uncomfortable as well in judgment of such appraisals point by point in addition to sharing negative information. Therefore it is good to reduce your stress so as to write out the performance appraisals in a more effective way while trying to keep them as much balanced and objective as possible for purpose of targeting on further action in future. Here are a few tips you could follow in writing performance appraisals.

1. Make some preparation.

When you start to write the performance appraisal, you should list   the important points you are intended to present in it. By doing so, you should write down everything you could think of in details. Being used for your own use, such list would be served as the foundation for a complete and objective appraisal.

2. Work towards objectivity.

With your list, you should look for objective examples to support your every point. They are should be applied to both negative and positive points. For instance, if you want to point out the tardiness of an employee, you had better tally the exact number of times he is late for work during the period of the appraisal period. If you like to make a point of his creativity, you should cite some good examples, such as his effective presentation or his unique approach to tackling a problem. It is kindly suggested that you should cross points off your list if you fail to present an objective example to demonstrate them. If your listed attributes or habits cannot be supported by facts, they might mean that they are possibly attributed to your own personal perceptions instead of the actual performance of the employee.

3. Try to keep balance.

In writing the performance appraisal, you should balance the negatives with positives as much as you could, because an overwhelmingly negative of the employee would make him feel more defensive and not easily receptive to the information. The aim of an appraisal is mainly to make sure that the employee know how well he has done his work and also how she could make better for the future. If your employee thinks that he is buried by the negative, he would be reluctant to accept suggestions for further improvement.

4. Pay attention to making specific suggestions.

One of important things for performance appraisal is to make suggestions on how your employee could do better in his job performance over the next year. It is unfair to expect a certain type of performance if the employee is not sure about the exact factors related to his being judged. In addition, give the chance to your employee to make his suggestions as well. In this way, he would be more intended to make changes when assigned to make a plan of action. Instead of concentrating on the negatives with your suggestions, you had better make your employee believe what you expect him to keep doing and the good things he could continue to do in the future.