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Office Flirting Tips

Tips for Office Flirting

As you know, it is quite common that you stay with your coworkers at office for a longer time than your family members at home. Therefore, you need to know your colleagues better to build up a more harmonious relationship. Furthermore, if you could learn some light flirting techniques, you would get along a few colleagues even better.

1. The function of flirting.

The purpose of office flirting is a useful means of interacting with somebody at your big office whom you think interesting and attractive to find more. In most cases, it is just regarded as kind of   the genuine friendship which neither party is intended to go further from the pure flirting. As far as the office environment is concerned, you and your flirting object are clear of proper boundaries between both of you, so no potential misunderstanding could easily come out of the flirting. If you find somebody in whom you are interested, you could give a compliment in order to try your flirting with him or her. Once your compliment is accepted, it means you could go further to start with a fun conversation. During the conversation, make sure to stop for a little so as to give the chance of talking to your flirting object. It is strongly suggested that you should maintain frequent eye contact and smile as well as the sense of playfulness, which are much helpful in your flirtatious conversations.

2. The scope of flirting.

If you are intended to flirt with somebody, you had better do it at the lunch breaks and or sometime when you are not busy with your work. As for such flirting, it is kindly advised that you should keep it as low-key and innocent. Otherwise, it could be regarded as something related to sexual harassment. If possible, you should avoid having other co-workers recognize your intention of flirting, for it could be seen as the factor of making the work environment a hostile place. When you know that your co-worker does not appreciate your flirting, you should better stop it immediately. You should respect the wishes of your flirting object. Even if you find that your supervisor is kind of attractive and interesting man, remember not to be engaged in any type of “innocent” flirting with him. In such case, it could harm your career in one way or another.

3. The attitudes towards flirting.

In regard to the flirting, you should always keep an emotional and mental attitude positively. As for a successful flirting, it means that you should have strong confidence in yourself. At the same time, you should have an upbeat mood for your flirting so as to try to keep it genuine and successful. If sometimes, your flirting is turned off or met with some negative response, you should try something positive to cheer yourself up, for example, you could play some fast-paced music or drink some water to keep yourself for a better mood. In addition, if you want to show your own self-esteem, you could bring something special to the office to arouse the attentions from other co-workers, for instance, as a skilled crafter, you could make some crafty work at home and take it to the office, which could make your co-workers more interested in you and the opportunity of flirting could arise more as expected.

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