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Natural Beauty Tips for Black Skin

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Some years ago, it was difficult to find the products especially designed for black skin care. But now, you could easily get them nearly everywhere. Some kinds of cosmetics are produced even to fit the skin tones of the ladies of color. If you want to go for such natural skin care and makeup, there is no need to buy them; instead you could find them exactly in your kitchen.

1. Use cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is regarded as kind of natural moisturizer, which could help cut down the appearance of stretch marks as well as hyperpigmentation and is good to smooth rough knees and elbows. To achieve the best results, you are kindly advised to apply cocoa butter twice each day. It is easy to get the products formulated with cocoa butter at drug stores. In addition, if you want to find pure cocoa butter, you could visit the health food and organic stores.

2. Focus on natural exfoliant.

In order to show a layer of fresh and smooth skin, you should do something in exfoliating your skin. By doing so, you could put coarse sea salt in a few tablespoons into a bowl, and then mix them with the orange juice to get a paste. The following step to apply such paste to your skin and rub them lightly by a circular motion. Afterwards, you could rinse it with cool water so as to tighten your pores. Finally moisturize your skin with cocoa butter to finish the facial.

3. Pay attention to sweet skin care.

It is widely accepted that sugar could be also used as the natural exfoliant. You could have a few tablespoons of sugar and mix them with water to make a paste. Then apply this paste to make your skin wet and keep it for a few minutes. After that, you should rinse with cool water. As common practice, you should use cocoa butter to get the moisturizing result as well.

4. Go for the honey smoother.

To have the smooth and beautiful skin, you are suggested to try a honey moisturizer. It is quite simple; put the same amount of honey and plain yogurt in a bowl and then mix them. When you are having a bath or shower, you could apply such mixing paste to your skin. After five to ten minutes, you could rinse it completely. A kind of moisturizer should be used after this treatment.

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