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Moving Checklist & Tips

Moving Checklist & Tips

The work of putting all your stuff into boxes and uprooting your family to move to the new residences should be stressful and sometimes quite chaotic. Even for the most organized families, a lot of responsibilities have to be taken so as to make sure that something critical would not be left out. In order to get your moving experience go as smoothly as possible, the following tips might be helpful to better organize your moving task.

1. To hire movers

It is suggested that you should make early decision on whether you intend to hire professionals for the moving job or you would do it yourself. If you decide to use the professional movers, you should do a research about moving companies early. By doing so, you could get the best quotes from your homework in terms of calling around to as many different companies as possible. If you do your moving task, that would be save you some money, but it would also make you do more extra work by yourself.

2. To organize your belongings

Before starting with packing, you should take time to have a careful look at the stuff in  every room of your house and sort all of your belongings. It would not only make your packing process more efficient , but also allow you to have the chance to decide what you would like to keep and what you intend to throw away. So moving time is the perfect time for you to make decision to get rid of something useless so as to save yourself the trouble of moving it.

3. To make a change of address log

When you change homes, no one would not know how to find you if you fail to leave a forwarding address. In order to make sure that your contacts would be sure about your new address, you had better set aside each important piece of mail and write down the contact number in a change of address log. Afterwards, you should spare some time to make contact with each company or individual, letting them know of your new address in advance so you don’t have to spend hours doing it all at once later.

4. To get packing materials

Although moving is a quite challenging task, it would be turn even difficult if you are trying to do it without good packing equipment. If you don’t have the suitable boxes for moving from your previous experiences, you should obtain them before beginning your move. Only you get something to pack your possessions, could the moving out process be get started.

5. To pack suitcases

During your packing process, you should be sure that each member of the family would have one suitcase packed on moving day. Such suitcases would be filled with the standard possessions when you are on trips or short vacations, such as a few changes of clothes, toiletries and other essentials. With them, it would be unnecessary to immediately unpack everything when you get situated in your new home.