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Money Saving Tips on Diamond Engagement Ring

Tips for Saving Money on an Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you planning to be engaged with your bride-to-be? Are you considering selection and purchase of your engagement ring by yourself or together with her? We suggest that before you buy such important item, you should do some research to help you save money on purchasing your engagement ring. Here we offer a few tips in this regard to save what is possible to the maximum extent as you would expect.
1. Start with your comparison shopping on the Internet. When you do online shopping, the nicest thing is that you could search for what jewelers offer and look at them comfortably, without being hovered by the sales person around you in the shop. It could also save you some money on your transport.

2. Look for a diamond ring. If you want to buy a ring with a diamond, you need to think carefully of the type and setting of the diamond that you are going to buy. As for the rating of diamonds, you should take three characteristics into account when you choose the diamond ring.

3. Know about these characteristics. They include Cut, Clarity, and Color. The Cut is the most important indicator of the quality and technical standard of the diamond; the most popular one is the round cut diamond, but there are other kinds of cuts, such as teardrop, princess, emerald and marquise.

4. Try to determine the clarity. The clarity means how many flaws one diamond has. There is different ratings in regard to diamond clarity, from the top one– Flawless (no imperfections) to the lowest one– I diamonds (imperfect). If you want to save some money on your budget for diamond ring, you had better choose in the SI 1 to VS 2 range, which would ensure pay less but still get a nicer diamond ring.

5. Go for the right color. When you are buying your diamond ring, the last factor you should consider is the Color, which is ranged from colorless to yellow and rated from D to Z, showing how yellow it is. Here it is kindly advised that you should go for the one with the rating of J to save money, for The J diamond is not obviously yellow, but also the last rated diamond.

6. Pat attention to the appraisal of the ring. Whether you buy your ring online or at the shop, you should have your ring appraised. If you want to save money on it, you should contact your insurance provide, who are often certified themselves or could help find an appraiser to do so without charge at all.

7. Get the correct size. If you choose to buy your own ring online, you should get the right size so as to save money. If you intend to give a big surprise to your lady by presenting your purchase of her ring, you should learn her ring size by asking from her family members or close friends without leaking any information in this respect.

8. Make sure about any extra expenses with the purchase of the ring. Most jewelers, even those running shops online, would provide you with a guarantee of having your ring cleaned and checked every year, which could be extended to make your guarantee more economical. Many online jewelers have certain contract with a jeweler in your city, offering free service of checking and cleaning to its customers. You should better use such service, for if you replace the diamond by yourself, it could be as expensive as the original purchase you have made.

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