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Modern Resume Tips

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When you are looking for a job, your resume should be the better stepping-stone, which would allow your prospective employers to easily assess your experience, skills and overall capacities suitable for the position you are applying for. However, in today’s world, technology has become more and more important nearly for every industry, your resume should be changed with such trend, so you should focus more on your technical skills and job responsibilities rather than your education and work experience. Here are a few tips you could follow in writing a modern resume.

1. Go for simple design.

When you are writing your modern resume, you should design it in the way to keep it as professional, clean and simple as possible, because your potential employers now would prefer the easy-to-read one which is straight to the point. Instead of the traditional format in bold fonts and colors to be the attention-grabber, you should do it, using the keywords which play an essential role in a modern resume. You are kindly suggested that the font should be a simple serif, with 10 points are preferable together with the information listed in bullet-point sentences which would be easy-to-read.

2. Pay more attention to your technical experience.

Nowadays, technology has become a core part of any business, so personal technical skills are regarded as basic qualification for almost any position. When you seeking for a job, in your resume, you should list all basic skills you have in detail. For instance, instead of just saying that you have knowledge of any word processing programs, you should illustrate any specific programs at which you are good, such as your command of Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Word. By doing so, it would much helpful for your resume to be outstanding among other applicants.

3. Try to get rid of the extraneous information.

In the traditional resume, it would consist of all reference information, such as your hobbies, volunteer experience, educational background and anything else you want to give to let your prospective employer have the chance to know who you are. However, as your potential employers have no much time in reading through all the resumes they have received for any vacancy, you should give up all such insignificant information only if you have limited personal information to offer. As for any references, they should be provided when you are requested to do so. As far as a professional resume is concerned, you should never include your hobbies and personal anecdotes in it. If you are afraid of a limited professional background, you could touch on something about your volunteer experience. When coming to your education, you should cover the periods after your post-secondary years.

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