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Message Flirting Tips

Tips for Message Flirting

How to handle message flirting, either through text messages or using the messaging services like Facebook or AIM, is the issue depending on how flirty the wording and tone of your message are when you apply to them. The present status of the relationships between you and the person to whom you are sending messages would decide how obviously flirtatious such messages would turn to be. Here are a few tips you could follow when you send out your flirting messages.

1. Try to be cute and coy.

In order to arouse the attraction of your flirting subject, you should be cute and coy and cute. For better result, you could use the icons of smiley face, provided by some instant messaging services or on your mobile phone, or you could make the icons by creating a colon with a right parenthesis for the same expression. However, remember not to overdo the smiley faces so as to avoid being annoying or overbearing. For instance, if you would like to invite your flirting object go out for a drink, you could make winking smiley face at the end of your invitation, hinting at something else.

2. Try to use puns as much as possible.

If you could use puns and word plays cleverly, it would achieve a better benefit to your advantage and be much helpful in avoiding the obvious hints that would pique the recipient’s interest. For instance, if you would like to invite him or her for a house party, you could also tell him or her there is the volleyball net ready for playing. Then following the invitation for the party, you could add the sentence of “we could play.” In the literal sense, it could be understood for playing the volleyball game, but the recipient may realize that you are suggesting something more intimate. Thanks to the distance and casualness related to text and instant messages, it would help you try subtle word plays that could be interpreted in different ways, which is good and ideal for flirting.

3. Try to make direct suggestions.

When you send your messages, there should be some time delays, which enable you give out bolder statements or comments, for you are capable of having enough time to respond more wisely. Since the recipient is unable to see you, you could be intended to leave away from the phone or computer for a few minutes. This kind of the motivation is necessary for making more open and obvious suggestions which you would be shy to offer in front of the person in reality. You could make a suggestion because of lack of physical contact and time delay between messages you send or receive, and you could also backpedal from your suggestion in a few seconds when you think it might be move forward too far. In addition, backpedaling could be regarded as another coy type of flirting. For instance, if you told him or her that you thought he or she was handsome or attractive one night, once he or she responded, you could joke with the recipient later and told that you made such comment in the wrong message box together with a smiley face.

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