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Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

An integrity of word-of-mouth referrals is closely linked with success of real estate agents together with some referrals obtained from other marketing techniques. Therefore, if you want to achieve successful sales, a diversified marketing strategy should be most important factor for consideration. With various marketing techniques, you will be capable of sparing certain amount of time every week for networking matters so as to make best of your time to assist your clients in finishing their real estate transaction.

Community Publications

One of traditional ways involved in market your services is to get your a business card published in community publications. To do so, you could make contact with local churches, schools and community organizations to know their rates for advertising, because such institutions often publish regular newsletters and bulletins for their members. For more satisfactory result, you had better target publications with members who live or work near your home base, for example, in your area of a city or county. At the same time, you could also sign up for listing your contact information on websites for such institutions, for sometimes your web listings are free.

National Association of REALTORS

To be more efficient, you should beef up your marketing campaign through membership in the National Association of REALTORS. With a REALTOR credential, you could be accessible to marketing tools for new and established agents. For instance, as far as new professionals are concerned, offers a start-up kit in its online library. At the same time, you could get a mentor inside the association to offer some advice to you over your personal marketing plan. REALTORS might use the trademarked designation in print and online media, so many consumers would recognize them instantly.

Social Networking

You could turn to social networking as the means of free online marketing. As kind of precaution, you had better separate your own Facebook or other social networking account from your business account. With the help of privacy settings of each site,   no people could be able to get your personal information without your knowledge. To work out a business profile, you should post helpful information for prospective clients, including market trends and investment opportunities. So, if a client would like to network with you online, he could exchange information by applying to a site’s features. To make the best use of social networking sites, you should closely follow up on each customer contact.


To be engaged in door-to-door campaigns, you should go visit neighborhoods where you could mostly find clients. Firstly, you should pay for a printing company to produce door-hangers with your photo and contact information. As for high-quality style, you may use the multi-color printing. You could visit a neighborhood either on foot or by car. However, you should be quite clear that before approaching a home and hanging a door-hanger, be careful of dogs and no soliciting signs.