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Makeup Tips to Reduce the Appearance of Sunken Eyes


Generally speaking, the cause of sunken eyes is attributed to age, tiredness or illness, which will have big impact on your overall appearance, thus making you look older than your real age. However, you could resort to several ways to deal with sunken eyes, such as having enough sleep, drinking more water and consuming less salt as well as using kind of under-eye serum. Such approaches would be longer time if substantial effect could be observed. Luckily, it is possible to reduce the appearance of sunken eyes with make-up by the learning the following tips.

1. When applying eye makeup, you should keep smiling, because it will avoid your makeup to settle into creases, which would cause wrinkles to look more outstanding and make the eyes appear worse than making-up.

2. When applying concealer under the eyes, you had better choose a flat and small makeup brush to do it by patting the concealer on the skin gently. Try not to massage the concealer into the skin, which could possibly stretch the delicate skin under the eye so as make wrinkles.

3. By using a flat makeup brush, you should apply an eye brightener to the area below your eyes, and then gently pat the brightener under the eye until you get a desirable look.

4. Try your best to avoid applying eyeshadow several shades darker than the color of your skin, because such colors would make your eyes look more sunken than they should be. Therefore, you are kindly advised to choose a light-colored shadow or the shadow which is just a shade darker than your own skin tone.

5. Remember not to apply eyeliner too heavily, because the heavy and thick eyeliner would enhance the appearance of a sunken eye.

Image source: Beauty Stylo