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Makeup Tips for Red Copper Hair

Red Copper Hair

When doing makeup, you should take hair color into account for better effect. As copper is a rare hair color, general makeup tips do not often apply to such group of redheads. Therefore the follow tips help those natural redheads when they do their make-up so as to best combine their natural hair color, fair complexion and facial features in the way that their special hair color will present nicely made-up face.

1. Be careful of foundation for fair skin.

Naturally copper hair would fit well with a fair complexion and freckles. So most importantly, try to find the makeup with sun protection. It is better for naturally copper-haired people to apply sheer foundation especially designed for fair skin which could balance the skin tone so as to cover up freckles. The right foundation is one that goes disappeared in tone if mixed with the skin.

2. Go for the right blush.

As for copper hair color, the suitable blush should be carefully considered. Try to choose hue of the blush that have a copper tone, but remember to have the one with one step darker than your natural skin tone. You had better avoid using a shade of pink, plum or berry, because they would visibly clash with your copper hair.

3. Look for lipsticks with an orange undertone.

In order to have the undertone of a lipstick, you should smear a lipstick onto a piece of white paper and then identify the tone getting out on the paper. Remember that coral, nude, peach and poppy red hues would fit well with copper hair, for all of them incorporate orange undertones.

4. Pay attention to eye makeup.

If you have the copper hair, you had better choose eye shadow in complementary colors such as jewel tones of green and purple or colors of the same copper family like autumnal tones of gold, bronze and umber, because black eyeliner and mascara would collide harshly with the fair skin of a naturally copper-haired person. Therefore you should look for shades of brown falling into those above-mentioned types of makeup.

Image source: Hair Style