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Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

A lot of women are often confused about how to do with their eye makeup if they wear glasses. Is that a less-is-more attitude they should have? Or they should apply more makeup so as to allow their eyes stand out behind those frames? If you could learn the following tips in mind, they would be much helpful in presenting a look combining the eyeglasses and makeup in such a beautiful way.

1. Try to match your makeup with your frames.

When the frames of your glasses are colored, dark or thick and you would like to keep the neutral eye shadow. Therefore, you had better choose cream, taupe or even a subtle gold-hued shimmer for your lids and at the same time define your eyes lightly using brown or black liner. Thin or neutral frames would ensure you to apply colored eye shadows and liners more freely.

2. Pay attention to the strength of your lenses.

If your eyeglasses have thick lenses because of strong vision, you should make your eyes look slightly larger. In this case, you should go for a darker, smokier eye shadow with black eyeliner on the inside rim, which would be much helpful in balancing your eyes. If you wear the glasses with negative lenses, which could make your eyes appear smaller, you are strongly advised to use white eyeliner to the inside rim of lashes along in addition to a darker eye shadow on your lids and the outer corner of your bottom lashes. Remember that ivory shimmer on the inner corners could allow your eyes to look larger.

3. Be mindful of your eyebrows and lashes.

As glasses are right there against the brows, you should make them be well-groomed and shaped. To achieve the extra definition, you had better fill in brows with a pencil or powder. As for women wearing glasses, it is common problem that eyelashes could touch the lenses, giving small black specks from mascara. To solve such problem, you should curl your lashes so as to make sure that they are away from your lenses, thus avoiding lengthening mascara.

4. Less is probably better.

When you do with your makeup, you should avoid loading it to show your eyes through the glasses, because glittery or frosty eye-shadows would affect the reflection of your glasses. Therefore, it is quite important to keep the natural beauty of your eyes as simple as you could.

Image source: Colorado Senior Life