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Makeup Tips for Attending a Wedding

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Before you are going to attend someone’s wedding ceremony, you had better take care of your own make-up, because a makeup artist would help the blushing bride show her beautiful image for such a big day. If you want to have a flawless wedding-day face, the right cosmetic application really matters; therefore you are kindly advised to stick to the following tips for that purpose.

Go for the classic colors.

Try to forget trendy makeup, such as neon lips and cat-eye liquid liner; instead you should go for a timeless classic look. By doing so, you should choose some rosy plum or pinkish apricot hues for your blush, the neutral gray for your eyes, and subtle berry or neutral-pink lips. In this way, your make-up would prevent yourself from appearing out-dated in any photos captured at the wedding ceremony, at the same time; it would help you avoid upstaging the bride.

Pay attention to defined features.

When you do your pre-wedding make-up, you should remember that proper application would help enhance the understated makeup. So you had better define your brows, use matching lip pencil to line your lips, and then enhance your lashes with mascara. On that big day, you should have a few key tools and brushes at hand and ensure that you should prepare the essentials for periodic touch-ups in your makeup bag, such as a compact with powder, oil-blotting sheets and a rosy-pink gloss, which would allow you to keep your shining face through to the final toast.

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