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Liquid Diet Tips

Liquid Diet Tips

For medical reasons or weight loss purpose, you may need to consume a liquid-only diet for a certain period of time. It will be risky if you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions accordingly or plan your meals ahead of time. If you only consume foods that can only be straw fed, you will have limited sources of nutrition and hence cause unhealthy weight loss or some other side effects like loss of muscle mass and slowed metabolism.

1. Have a balanced diet.

Even you are on a liquid diet, you still need to continue consuming food from all the five food groups each day. This can be easily done with fruit, vegetables and dairy. It becomes more difficult for the intake of carbohydrates and proteins, but you should be able to do it with a blender to add meat, beans or nuts together into juicers or shakes so that you can add these essential substances and nutrients to your liquid diet.

2. Plan in advance.

Before you start your liquid diet, you need to collect a series of various recipes for shakes and smoothies that contain protein and carbohydrates. The meals should be planned at least one day ahead to include all necessary food groups in a liquid diet for that day. By planning in advance, you can make sure that you don’t become undernourished and keep as healthy as possible during the liquid diet.

3. Count calories.

If you are using the liquid diet for medical necessity or emergency weight loss, you should determine where the calories originate. Avoid things like ice cream and try to get as many calories as you can from nutritional foods instead. It helps you get sufficient nutritional value from the diet while decrease your unhealthy eating habits. It is known that you will increase the fat storage if you consume a large amount of sugar-filled calories while consume a significantly lower number of lower calorie count.

4. Length of the liquid diet.

Your liquid diet should not be kept for too long since it is almost impossible to take in a healthy amount of calories each day on this type of diet. If your doctor instructed you to be on a liquid diet, you need to ask about the recommendation on the diet duration. Metabolism might slow to conserve your energy due to a low-calorie intake and this may actually have a negative effect for your long-term weight loss.
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