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Last Minute Job Interview Tips

Last Minute Job Interview Tips

Before you go to an interview, you should do your homework researching the company, practice how to answer the interview questions and prepare for perfect outfit. When everything is ready, there might still be several minutes left for you. Here are some last minute things you should do to help you succeed in the interview. Sometimes small details can make big difference.

1. Arrive earlier than the appointment time.

You should arrive at least five to ten minutes earlier than the appointment time so you will be waiting there when called for the interview. If you arrive late, you’ll leave a negative first impression on the interviewers and this may set the tone for your interview.

2. Greet your interviewers.

At your first meeting with your interviewers, you should greet them by name with a warm smile and firm handshake, which altogether make a confident first impression. Please don’t squeeze the interviewers’ hands too hard or limply, either.

3. Make eye contact.

You should make proper eye contact with your interviewers when you listen to them or when you answer the questions. Directly looking into someone’s eyes might make you feel uncomfortable, instead, you can focus on the bridge of one’s nose. By doing so, the interviewers will know you are looking in their eyes and feel as if you are sincere and genuine. Don’t stare intensely for long time. The key to make proper eye contact is to look into one’s eyes for several seconds, break the gaze and then make the contact again.

4. Your body language.

Interviewers can read a lot from how you sit and your body language. You should sit straight and focus your attention on the interviewer. You can cross your legs at ankles and rest your hands in your lap, but keep in mind, don’t act fidgeting. If you wear a skirt or dress, position your knees together and lean forward a little bit in the chair during discussion so that you are indicating that you are highly interested in what the interviewer is talking about.

5. Always be positive.

You might have bad working experience before, but you should always be positive and put a spin on everything you are going to tell the interviewer. If you have to say something about previous experience, don’t mention the details about the bad experience with your former boss, but focus on how the experience influences you positively today. You should end the interview with a positive comment because this allows the interviewers understand that you are enthusiastic and have good attitude to fit the job here. You can include comments like “Thank you so much for offering me the chance to interview for this job position and I would welcome the opportunity to work with you here.”

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