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Korean Diet Tips

Korean Diet Tips

You may have noticed that Korean women and men are often thin and trim. Harley Pasternak’s book “The Five Factor World Diet” give South Korean culture a lot credits for having a healthful diet, high life expectancy and low obesity rates. If you are considering to develop a diet plan, why not borrow some tips from Korean cuisine and culture?

1. Kimchi.

Kimchi, a pickled cabbage that is slightly spicy, is one essential part and a staple in every meal of the Korean diet. Although different regions of Korea prepare Kimchi in various ways, they all contain lots of fibers, which are very helpful in keeping you feel full and creating balanced digestion.

2. Eat vegetables at every meal.

Koreans have vegetables for every meal, which is obvious good for health. Vegetables not only provide our body with a wealth of nutrients and vitamins, but also keep you feeling full for longer time due to their naturally high fiber content. Generally, Korean vegetable dishes are served in simple steamed varieties and hence you could enjoy the natural flavor of the vegetables. You can also prepare the vegetables with some spices, sauces and oils.

3. Have less meat.

There are plenty of Korean barbecue restaurants in America, but they often give a misleading impression on Korean cuisines. The fact is that Koreans only consume meat sparingly. They do have red meat but just in small amounts because it contains large amount of saturated fat. Compared with red meat, leaner meats such as fish and chicken are more popular, especially fish that contain essential omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Avoid added sugar.

Generally speaking, Korean foods don’t contain added sugar, while a lot of foods in America is on the contrary. In addition to vegetables, Koreans most popular carbohydrate food is rice, which contains no gluten or added sugar. You are recommended to avoid products containing added sugar so that you will be able to employ a Korean eating habit.

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