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Job Interviewing Tips for Administrative Assistant Jobs

Job Interviewing Tips for Administrative Assistant Jobs

A good administrative assistant should be well organized, have a neat appearance and work in a timely fashion. If you are interviewing with an administrative assistant job, you will need to prepare and emphasize on these qualities from the beginning of your interview to the finish.

1. Prepare for the interview.

Prior to the interview, you should do some research on the company. You will be asked with plenty of questions covering a variety of subjects, and if you are able to answer these questions, it shows that you are a good fit for the position because an administrative assistant always has varied tasks at the same time. Practice answering common questions with your family member or a close friend to get some confidence and comfort for the interview. Before the interview, get a sound sleep and dress professionally to leave a good first impression on your interviewer. Arrive at the scheduled interview location at least ten to twenty minutes earlier while if you can’t arrive on time, your potential employer have a bad expectation on you. Remember to bring extra copies of your resume, qualification certificates, reference, work samples and all other relevant documents in case some of the interviewers don’t have them in hand.

 2. Pay attention to etiquette.

When you first meet with your interviewer, greet her with a firm handshake and introduce yourself loudly, clearly and confidently. No matter what topic you are discussing with your interviewer, you should always keep eye contact with him and try to include the name of your interviewer. This can impress the interviewer and also makes your conversation seems to be more personal.

3. During the interview.

Since you are applying for an administrative assistant job, you are required to be a good listener and an efficient communicator.  If others are talking, you should not interrupt them. Additionally, avoid using improper grammar and negative words. The correct way of talking is to speak concisely and clearly in complete sentences. Also, you need to pay attention to your body language. Avoid crossing arms or facing a direction opposite to the interviewer. Try your best to keep the conversation comfortable. When you answer questions, provide answers to reinstate your on-time and organized personality, which are important traits for a good administrative assistant. It is not uncommon that administrative assistants have some quick turnovers during work, and you should emphasize that you are a dependable and reliable person who is looking for an assistant job and willing to invest time for personal developing.

4. Conclusion.

After the interview, express your interest for the position and company. Ask some questions related with what would be expected from your, or what are some common tasks required from you on a daily basis. Show your appreciation to the interviewer and thank their time for interviewing with you. Within 24 hours, mail a thank-you letter to each of your interviewer to demonstrate that you are serious about getting the job and excited to hear more from them.

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