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Job Interview Tips on Teens’ First Job Interview

Job Interview Tips on Teens’ First Job Interview

For teens, a part time job can give him or her extra income for purchase and developing interests. It is hard for teens to land their first job if they have no experience in a job interview. If you have applied for a job in a fast food restaurant or a retail store, you don’t need to wear a suit with tie for the interview, but you do need to demonstrate that you are a responsible teenager who is able to fulfill the job duties. Here are some tips for teens who plan to attend the first job interview soon.

1. Prepare for the interview.

Prior to the interview, a teen needs to do some research on the job position and the company. Review the job description carefully to understand what skills and experiences are expected from the applicants. As a teen applicant, you may be asked about your daily schedule including schooling, practices, or other commitments, so you should think about that in advance. If you don’t have your own car or is too young to drive, the interview might want to know how you plan to get to work. Think about these questions ahead of time and be prepared to answer them at the interview.

2. Practice with an adult.

To behave more efficiently during the interview, you need to practice with an adult, either your parent or older sibling who has previous interview experience. The adult will be able to give you commonly asked questions in a job interview and he can determine if your answers are appropriated addressed with each question. Try to practice answers for questions related with why the company should hire you, what is your strengths and weaknesses, why you would like to work for this specific company, what are your extracurricular activities, etc. Also prepare for the self-introduction and try to stick with your skills and experiences throughout the interview.

3. Dress appropriately.

The first impression is very important in job hunting process. The way you look at the second you walk into the office gives the first impression on your potential employers. At that point, the interviewer develops an opinion on you. Thus, you should not wear jeans and T-shirt, instead, pants and collared shirt is a good combination for teen boys while the same style of clothing should be maintained but change the pants to skirts. No matter what you wear, you should make sure the clothing is clean and wrinkle-free. Try to avoid excessive body art or piercings since these stuffs may cause employers to form a negative impression on you.

4. Pay attention to interview etiquette.

Sometimes, adults view teens as disrespectful or irresponsible group of people. If you want to get the job, you need to prove your professionalism to your interviewer. Arrive at the interview at least ten to twenty minutes earlier than the scheduled time to make the best impression. Your parents might drive your there, but you should keep them waiting in the car or just drop your at the location, because by walking into the interview by yourself, you show the interviewer that you are independent and capable of handling the interview as well as the job tasks. Make consistent eye contact to show your confidence, telling the interviewer that you are ready for the job.

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