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Job Interview Tips on Makeups

Job Interview Tips on Makeups

When you go to your interview, you may have just a few seconds to leave your first impression on your interviewer. If you wear heavy makeup, it could bring negative effect to your interview. As for how to wear your makeup for the interview you should always make sure that your face would natural and fresh instead of too much painted made-up. By doing so, your interviewer will judge you whether you are qualified for the job rather than distracted away from your appearance. Here are a few tips you could follow in wearing your makeup for the interview.

  1. First of all you should use kind of a concealer to hide dark under your eye circles as well as your skin impurities for the purpose of evening out your skin tone. After that, you could use loose power for final touch. In addition, you had better not to apply heavy foundations even if you could not make the expected result together with loose power and concealer for a better smooth skin texture.
  2. Instead of applying lip-gloss, you could choose lipstick, which would be more suitable for an interview. You had better use the lipstick with a matte finish that would make you look more natural. The reason you do it is to let you interviewer focus on your speaking rather than the color on your lip.
  3. As for eye shadow, you should use a natural looking one, whose color should not reflect too much shine. For the better result, you should go for eye shadow colors like cream or brown as well as other types of natural tones.
  4. If you generally use eyeliner, try not to apply liquid liners, which are no good for the job interview, because they sometimes create unnecessary harsh lines. If you want to keep your eyes in a natural way, you had better use mascara with eyeliner of brown or black color. Never apply the eyeliners with purple or blue color. That would present an unprofessional image to your interviewer.
  5. If you have some eyebrow hairs outside of the normal brow line, just stray and tweeze them. It would make your face with a clean appearance.
  6. When you finish your makeup, you should carefully exam it under the natural light. Go out of your room and see what your jaw line looks like. Try to avoid the foundation line easily noticed on the sides of your face.

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