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Job Interview Tips on How to Shake Hands

Job Interview Tips on How to Shake Hands

Although some customs and traditions may have changed, the handshake at a job interview is here to stay. This is the reason why a firm handshake at the beginning of your interview makes a good first impression on your interviewer and gives you the upper hand for your job hunting.

1. Take good care of your hands prior to the interview.

Before you head to the interview, you should consider to perform a manicure. For both men and women, it is beneficial to have neatly trimmed nails as well as moisturized hands before going to a meeting with your potential employer. Manicure may take one hour or more, especially for women, hence you should set aside enough time for the manicure on the day of interview. When the clock reaches the scheduled time of interview, wash your hands carefully and eliminate any oils that might make your hand sweat. Also, you can bring a tissue to wipe your hands dry before you shake the interviewer’s hands. You should know that even the most confident person will get nervous before a job interview, and the sweaty palms are the most common and evident symptom.

2. Shake hands confidently during the interview.

When you first meet your interviewer, greet him with a firm handshake. Even if the interviewer doesn’t offer his hand, you should offer yours first because it is you who want to make a good impression. When you shake hands with your interviewer, don’t grip too much nor too limp. You should hold your interviewer’s hand for about two to three seconds to make a slight up and down pumping motion. Don’t exaggerate the motion and try to avoid any possible unconventional handshakes. Additionally, when you shake hands, don’t forget to give the interviewer a warm smile. If you are in a panel interview, you need to shake hands with everyone in the meeting.

3. Conclude the interview with a handshake.

When you finish the interview, you should refer to your interviewer’s name and express your appreciation for the time interviewing with you. Shake your hands with the interviewer before you leave and keep in mind that you should do this with everyone in the room even if you will have to walk around a room or reach across a table.

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