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Job Interview Tips on How to Make Eye Contact

Job Interview Tips on How to Make Eye Contact

Your eyes are powerful tools to either help you or hurt you when you are at a job interview. Nowadays, many companies work with consultants and experts who tutor executives and managers to pay attention to interviewees’ body language including eye contact, general posture and mannerisms. If you learn what to expect when it comes to eye contact during your next job interview, you might be able to land your job smoothly.

1. Choose the friendliest person.

When you are at a job interview where there are more than one executives in the room, you should choose the friendliest to make eye contact with and keep coming back frequently. Since that executive makes you feel the least anxious, making eye contact with her can help you loosen up and allow you to shine your personality through the interview instead of worry about how you are coming across.

2. Don’t just stay with one person.

After you choose the one to make consistent eye contact with, you can’t just look at her only. You should also make eye contact with others, even if just for seconds. Otherwise, other interviewers may feel ignored and have poor impression on you.

3. Don’t look away, especially when answering difficult questions.

It may be a little bit difficult to make constant eye contact when addressing with tough questions, and you can practice in front of a mirror since it is the natural reaction to look in another direction when you are in difficult situation or under pressure.

4. Blink but not stare.

Keeping consistent eye contact doesn’t mean you have to look the same way non-stop. Instead, you should move your eyes from one interviewer to another, or look down to the interviewer’s hands for very brief time if he is ruffling papers, or you can follow his gaze when he is talking about somebody or something in the room.

5. Pay attention to details.

When you are making a self-introduction, you need to keep eye contact. Additionally, greet the interview with a firm handshake and a warm smile so you can leave an even better impression that you are an open and friendly person.

6. Focus on another facial feature.

If you feel uncomfortable to look straight into the manager’s eyes, you can focus on another facial feature, for example, the nose, cheekbones or eyebrows. These facial features are close to eyes that people won’t distinguish if you are looking into their eyes or towards these places.

7. Don’t look down to your hands or out of the window.

Two common mistakes that some applicants often commit are looking out of the window or down to your own hands. Through these behaviors, your interviewer will think you are shy or insecure.

8. Mouth is not a good place to look at.

Please keep in mind that you should not look to the interviewer’s mouth during conversation. You will be good if you are just switching between the mouth and eyes, however, if you keep focusing on the mouth for too long, that’s another story.

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