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Job Interview Tips on How to Impress at a Job Interview

Job Interview Tips on How to Impress at a Job Interview

Now, your impressive resume has successfully earned you a chance of a face-to-face job interview. You are pretty sure that you are the right one for the job, however you might hear, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you later.” What is wrong? As everyone knows, job interview is frustrating and intimidating, especially when you have been through several interviews but still jobless. Job search and interview can be a little easier for you, if you follow some of the following tips and learn how to impress at a job interview.

1. Show your confidence.

During the interview, stand up straight and make consistent eye contact. When you first meet your potential employer, shake his hands firmly. The simple things can show the interview that you are a confident person who knows he can handle the job.

2. Make small talk.

Small talk is a good tool to break the ice and give both your interviewer and you a moment to relax before going to the real questions. Hence, try to make small talks before the interviewer. Simply ask about how they are doing or mention the weather should do the work.

3. Do some homework.

Almost every company has its own website, so you need to do some research about the company and learn just about everything about it. Find out what their customers and competitors say about them and get yourself prepared to use the common terms in the industry.

4. Look your best.

Although you may be at the edge of broke, you still need to look as though you have the money. Wear your best clothes you have and dress cleaned and freshly ironed on the day of interview. Brush your hair and make sure that you clean your hands and nails. Before the interview, you should also make sure your breath is fresh and keep your cologne or perfume to the minimum.

5. Be honest.

You should always be honest at the interview and most of the interviewers can tell if you are lying to them. The result is simple—they will make a mental check to not hire you. If you lie at the interview, even if you get away at that time, you will finally be caught some time in the future, which is even more embarrassing.

6. Emphasize your strengths.

A common question at an interview is to list your weaknesses and strengths. It is obvious that you should emphasize more on your strengths, however, if you are able to show your weaknesses and how you have learned from them, you might impress your interviewer more. So be prepared to show both of your strengths and your weaknesses.

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