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Job Interview Tips on How to Ace a Job Interview over the Phone

Job Interview Tips on How to Ace a Job Interview over the Phone

In the past decades, most job interviews took places on-site, while as some of the jobs that people apply for are hundreds of miles away, phone interview becomes a more common way to process the job interview. In addition, a phone interview is also a pre-screening meeting before the interviewer talk to you face-to-face. If you have few experiences of phone interview, you may find it difficult to ace. There are certain rules of conduct that you can refer to so that you will be able to land the job during a phone interview. Here are some tips.

1. Prepare for the call.

Before the phone interview, you should spend several hours for the preparation. If you have applied for multiple companies, you will expect them to call in at any time. Some employers will call you for more information prior to bringing you in for a formal face-to-face interview, thus you need to get ready with succinct answers with a personable tone.

You should be as reachable as possible and make sure to have both your cell phone number and home phone number on your resume so that the interviewer will have an extra way to reach you.

To better demonstrate that you are a good fit for the position, you should have a brief list containing your accomplishments and also a pen and paper so you can be prepared at all times during your job search.

Another good way to practice is to tape record yourself at a phone interview during a mock interview with one of your family member or a close friend. Take notes when you commit stumbles and some awkward moments so that you will be able to eliminate these bad habits before the actual phone interview.

2. Conduct a confident conversation.

During the phone interview, appropriate phone demeanor should be employed. Generally, you need to be polite and free of distractions when you receive the call from your potential employer. If you can’t take the call the moment the interviewer calls you, ask kindly to call back for other times that are convenient for them. When you return the call, don’t forget to apologize once again for not taking the call and make sure to call back precisely the scheduled time.

When you are talking with your potential employer on the phone, speak with confidence but never talk over your interviewer. Allow the interviewer to guide you through a line of questioning and you should reserve your comments until the end of the interview, unless you are asked.

3. The follow-up for the phone interview.

When the phone interview is finished, you need to thank your interviewer at the end of the call and thank him/her again the next day. This can be done through another call or a nicely hand-written thank-you note directly sent to the office. Reinstate your interest in the position and the upcoming interview if your phone interview successfully results in a face-to-face meeting. If you are informed about the face-to-face interview, confirm the date, time and location prior to the next interview.

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