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Job Interview Tips on Dos & Dont’s

Job Interview Tips on Dos & Dont's

If you are going to an important job interview, you should impress your potential employer by giving your full attention to the interview. If you leave a poor impression on your interviewer, you might cost your reputation as well as a potential job opportunity. Show your respect to your potential employer and appreciate their time for interviewing with you.

1. Get prepared and arrive on time.

It is very important that you arrive at the schedule interview location on time since employees expect all the employees to show up on time or several minutes earlier on each workday. If you want to make a good first impression, you should treat your interview as it is your first workday. Another good way to get prepared is to bring your resume in hand and place your fingertips on your skills and experiences. You should also do some research on the company so that your potential boss will understand that you are informed and interested about the position and the company.  You can develop some thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer about the job and the company at the end of the interview.

2. Professional demeanor is important.

You can demonstrate your respect to your potential employer by behaving professionally throughout the interview process. For an example, you may want to keep standing until he asks you to get a sit. If you sit without asking, your interview may regard you as an overly casual person. You should also dress clean and professionally for the interview, and don’t forget to wear a pair of nice shoes, too.

3. Speak in a professional manner.

Slang and profanity are highly inappropriate during an interview because using such words indicates that you are an immature person and ill-equipped for your career. Instead, you should address your potential employer by his name, which demonstrates that you care about both him and the company. Call your interview starting with Mr., Ms., Sir or Madam is the correct etiquette you should follow. Don’t call your interview by his first name or nickname unless you are told to.

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