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Job Interview Tips for Women

Job Interview Tips for Women

The job market in nowadays is very competitive and you have to make yourself stand out from all the others who are interviewing for the same job position. It helps a lot if you can be prepared with some persistence, patience and focus both before and after your interview. Here are some quick job interview tips for women.

1. Dress properly.

You potential employers will assess your from your head to the toe the second you arrive at the location of interviewing. Hence, it is very important to dress in a proper manner when you attend an interview. According to the founder of Quintessential Careers, Dr. Randall Hansen, the standard attire for women to attend a job interview is a gray or dark navy blue skirt suit or a neutral-colored pant as well.

2. Pay attention to your grooming.

You should also pay attention to your grooming, which is equally important as your attire. Please make sure you have your hair cleaned and styled simply. The CEO of Women for Hire, Tory Johnson, recommends female applicants that never let your makeup overpower the attire, so you should keep you colors as natural as possible. Additionally, you should be manicured your nails and try to use minimal perfume.

3. Etiquette is a deciding factor.

Etiquette is one of the deciding factors when you are a potential candidate for a job position. The first thing is you need to be prompt and arrive at the scheduled location earlier, since no employers would like candidates who arrive ten minutes later. The head of Beverly Hills Manners Incorporation, Lisa Gache, suggests that women should sit with ankles crossed while towards the right. Your left hand can be placed on the left thigh and your right hand can be positioned on top of that. In addition, Gache also recommends women to perform a firm handshake, which can offer a good impression to the interviewers. Instead, a limp handshake are usually intimated. During the interview, you might have the chance to ask questions, you need to do some homework prior to the interview so that you will get familiar with the company and the more interest and curiosity you present, the more chance you will have to get hired. When the interview is almost finished, be proactive and ask your interviewer if there will be another round of interview and if this is the case, when will it be. After the interview, send a thank-you note to all of your interviewers and you can follow up with the process by a call one week later or two to inquire about the decision.

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