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Job Interview Tips for Underwriter Positions

Job Interview Tips for Underwriter Positions

To be an underwriter requires a large amount of responsibilities that are associated with the profession. According to the statistics from the Bureau of Labor, a professional underwriter should be able to determine whether an insurance policy is provided and assess the specific terms of a policy. The responsibility of an underwriter also includes analyzing the amount of risk and how to deal with the risk accordingly. Before the interview for an underwriter position, you should take the following steps to be well prepared.

1. Get familiar with required skills.

Since underwriter is an important job position that comes with various responsibilities, the employers are likely to ask about specific credentials during your interview. It is highly recommended to review those necessary job skills and work out a plan about how to employ them into a description of your past working experiences.

According to the Job Interview website, an underwriter needs to possess great communication skills, both verbal and written. Some other necessary skills for an underwriter include interpersonal abilities, the skills to work and make decisions independently, as well as the skill to develop and maintain business relationships. Before the interview, get familiar with these required skills so that you can present your skills verbally to the interviewers in a professional and organized manner.

2. Prepare the possible interview questions.

Some commonly asked questions in the interview for an underwriter position are generally related to the position itself and also the abilities and character of the interviewee. The Human Resources website suggests those who are applying for an underwriter position should prepare for possible questions that are focused on why a career in the field of insurance is pursued and the individual’s knowledge of details for the underwriter position.

You may also be asked about your career and personal goals because this can show if you are organized and driven to succeed. In addition, the strength and weakness of the interviewee will be asked frequently. Answer the questions in an honest fashion shows that you are capable of self-assessment and knows the areas that have room for future improvement.

3. Before and during the interview.

You should always arrive at the scheduled interview location at least ten to twenty minutes earlier so that the interview will know that you are a reliable and organized person. Your clean and professional appearance creates a sound first impression to your interview and this is important for their decision making. According to the Insurance Job website, an employer wants his employees to be confident and professional and be able to represent a portion of his company through client communication.

During the interview, you should answer the questions in a steady and clear voice that presents your confidence but not your arrogance. Combining all the necessary preparation including professional looking, positive interaction and proper etiquette, you will boost your chance to land the job.

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