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Job Interview Tips for the GameStop Jobs

 Tips for the GameStop Job Interview

You may know that GameStop is well-known as the biggest video game retailer all over the world; it now owns 6,500 stores with total number of 45,000 employees globally. In addition, GameStop is also a famous and popular online video game retailer with possession of the magazine– “Game Informer”, whose subscribers are over 4 million. As a gaming enthusiast, you may like to find a job in GameStop, so you have to learn something before applying for its job. Here are some tips you could follow when you are preparing for the interview.

1. Try to learn more about GameStop.

Before the interview, you should try to learn more about the history or the culture of GameStop, which would ensure you to have advantages over other applicants. For example, it is clearly stated in the website of the GameStop Corporation, it would hire the people who have a “competitive mindset.” So, in the preparation for the interview, you should think carefully and find the ways to explain you are the most suitable one belonging to that catalogue. If you could show how much you would fit the position offered by GameStop, you would certainly have more opportunities to be employed by the company.

2. Try to show your enthusiasm.

During the interview, you should try hard to show your enthusiasm and interests in the job in GameStop, for unlike other jobs, the jobs in the company strongly require you to love what you are doing for the company, and then you would get the chance to be hired. So when being asked some background questions, you should show clearly your spirit of enthusiasm to your interviewer and take the interview as the rare opportunity to confirm hiring manager that you are a game enthusiast, if offered the job, you would know other player’s demand and serve them better than the game layman.

3. Dress professionally.

When we are young kids, our parents often tell us not to judge people based on their looks. Actually, in the interview, the employers do judge the candidates according to their appearances. You could imagine that if the hiring manager is going to interview a sloppily dressed person, what his response is towards such person, usually he would concludes that the interviewee should be a sloppy worker as well. Even if all retail stores of GameStop have no strict dress code, but you should be serious about what you would wear for the interview. You are strongly advised to dress up properly and professionally. If you have any question about what you should wear, you might call the company and get the advice for suitable clothing in the interview.

4. Maintain proper body language.

Although what you are talking during the interview really matters, but your body language is also very important to your success of your interview, because it could unexpectedly contradict what you have said. In the interview, the hiring manager wants to see you as the person with whom he could work and rely. So you should present such personality by greeting the interviewer with a nice smile and a firm handshake. In addition, you should always keep eye contact with your interview during the interview, which would mean you are quite relaxed. Furthermore, you need to remember that if the messages your body language show is very positive, it would helpful for you to leave first good impression on your interviewer.

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