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Job Interview Tips for Telling Your Weaknesses

Tips for Telling Your Weaknesses in Job Interview

For everyone who has the experience of having an interview, the most difficult and challenging question to answer would be “What are your weaknesses?” If you could spend some time to plan your response in advance, you would be prepared for such tough question. We all have weaknesses, but not all of us are open to admit it. Therefore, the reason the interviewer asks this question is looking for an honest response so as to learn more about the measure the interviewee would like to take for overcoming his weakness in his given work position. Here are just a few tips for your reference in this regard.

1. Be aware of your weakness.

The first step in preparation of the question related to your weakness is you should be aware of your own weakness, and then try to find out the appropriate response to it. You should think of the challenging and difficult times at your previous work, when you felt distressed and less confident. So take such event as example, write down something about your weakness and focus more on how you would try your best to get rid of it with some other practical measures and steps.

2. Carefully plan your response.

In face of the question of “What are your weaknesses?” you should prepare your response carefully together with detailed explanation of the reason for your weakness and your efforts for the successful outcome. For better response, you could write down the complete sentences in preparation of your response. The cleaver response could be honest about your weakness, but at the same time, truly show your technique in overcoming it.

3. Repeat your response if necessary.

After you have well-prepared the responses to the questions about your weakness, in order to get familiar with them, you had better repeat them in the kind of interview rehearsal, beacuase repetition would help you build up your confidence about your response. If possible, you could do the rehearsal in front of your friends or family members and even the mirror. You could ask for their advice and suggestions for further improvement of your response and your body language to show your best image before the interviewer for a satisfactory result.

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