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Job Interview Tips for Teaching Jobs

Job Interview Tips for Teaching Jobs

All job interviews can be stressful, so as the interviews for teaching jobs. When you are preparing for a teaching job, you should arm yourself with information about the school’s philosophy, stance on education and disciplinary policy. Be confident and head to your interview!

1. Do your homework.

Prior to the interview, you should mock interview with your family member or a close friend. Generally, teaching interviews are composed of questions that surround your strengths and weaknesses, behavioral situations, as well as your philosophy on teaching. It is very important that you show your confidence with your approach for teaching and convey this message to your interviewer. On the day of interview, you should arrive at least ten minutes earlier than the scheduled time. Dress professionally to leave a good first impression on your potential employer. By dressing your part, you show the interviewer that you are interested and serious about the position and want to make a good impression. Also, you will need to bring extra copies of your resume in case some of the interviewers don’t have it in hand.

2. Introduction is important.

Since introduction sets the tone of interview, it is extremely important. When you first meet your interviewer, shake hands with him firmly and introduce yourself clearly and loudly. During your talking, keep yourself cool and confident, and make consistent eye contact with the interviewer. When you are discussing about your previous teaching experience and your educational background, you should try to demonstrate your love of teaching. If possible, you can provide some recognition you have received for teaching and present some examples of your positive teaching experiences.

3. Demonstrate your teaching philosophy.

Prior to the interview, you should prepare your philosophy on teaching. The teaching philosophy will reveal your personal values and needs of both your department and your students. Be prepared for the possible questions such as what is your objective as a teacher, why do you love to teach what style or techniques do you implement to achieve your teaching goals, etc. You can work out a rough list contains the potential questions and answers or you can even make it a good formal document and bring it with you to the interview. If you show this document to the interviewer, they will see your passion and seriousness for the position.

4. Prepare answering questions.

During your interview, you will be asked with plenty of questions. When you answer them, you need to maintain confident, honest and open. Some of the questions should be addressed with teaching examples. Give examples of your teaching experiences to demonstrate your answers and try to keep your story as short as possible. Sometimes you might have different views from your interviewer, it is OK as long as you are able to explain politely. If you have already learned the teaching philosophy of the school, you are highly recommended to align your answers with the school’s core values.

5. Conclusion.

Conclude the interviewer with several questions related with the school for your interviewer. The questions can be the challenges that teachers are facing with, communication among departments, or anything about the school’s core values including teaching philosophy, stance on education and discipline. Thank all your interviewers for their time with you and ask politely if you could follow up some time later.

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