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Job Interview Tips for Students

Tips for Students in Job Interview

If you want to have a successful job interview, you should be take it into account seriously and get well-prepared for it. For a better result, you should spend some time on updating your appearance, learning more about useful interview techniques and improving your resume, which would ensure you to be feeling confident and ready for the interview. Here we offer a few points to you in preparation of your coming interview.

1. Keep a good appearance.

In any case, your first impression is priceless. If you dress professionally and properly, you would make yourself even better for the interview. It is strongly suggested that you should wear navy blue or black suit for the interview. You should make sure that your shoes look well-polished. If possible, you could polish your shoes completely just the night before you are going for the interview. As for your hair, you should keep it styled, looking as professional and out of your face. In addition, you need to have your fingernails neatly cut and clean. For the female interviewer, it is better to wear your makeup in neutral colors. You should avoid facial glitter as well as shades of blue and green eye shadow. It is necessary to have jewelry on as little as possible. As for men, you could wear your wedding ring or a watch. Try to take off any facial piercings before your interview.

2. Maintain proper non-verbal communication.

During your interview, it is very important for you to keep proper behavior as what you should talk. Remember to have a firm and strong, handshake with your interviewer. If you are not sure of the way you could do it nicely, you should practice the handshake with your family members or friends ahead of your interview. Your posture also really matters in the interview. For a proper and good posture, you should sit straight and touch your both feet on the ground. You had better avoid being fidgeted. To achieve what you have expected from the interview, you may have a mock interview with you friend before it. You could ask your friend to point out where your fidgety movements and facial tics happen and try to correct your improper behavior before the interview. Make sure that you would always keep on good eye contact with your interviewer, which would make him feel he could trust you. If you often look down and away during the interview, it could show the lack of self confidence or your dishonesty.

3. Present your resume as perfect as possible

Before the interview, you should try to double-check your resume to correct any minor errors. Usually, your interviewers have already got your resume obtained from your online application. However, they are also expecting you to present a copy of your resume personally to the interview. It is kindly advised that you should have several copies of your resume, which should be kept clean, fresh, and non-crumpled, for maybe there is more than one interviewer on the occasion. Before you are to the interview room, you had better have a quick look at your resume and try to remember your previous work experience in details. During the interview, the interview could ask to illustrate what you have accomplished in your previous positions. This is the focus you need to consider to sell yourself. Even if you have already a very nice resume, you should take opportunity to talk more about your advantages and strong points when asked. It would help you move forward the successful job interview.

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