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Job Interview Tips for Servers

Job Interview Tips for Servers

To get your job, you need to prepare an impressive resume, but that doesn’t guarantee you the job. Your next move is the interview, where you will introduce yourself to the interviewers and show your qualification for the job position. It is especially true for a server job, because being a server is about interacting with your customer successfully, which is much alike an interview. To help you get your server job more easily, we prepare the following tips to boost your chances.

1. Dress professionally.

Maybe the restaurant does not have its formal attire, but you should still dress professionally for your interview. It is true for any job interviewers that you can have some positive outcome if you dress properly, and this is surely true for server position. You should understand that a big part of restaurant industry is the presentation of both food and service. If you show up at the interview with a nice and professional looking, your interviewers will feel that you are serious to get the job. The interviews would like to know that you will show up for work dressing with clean shoes, clothes, face and hair. Also, don’t forget to smile and be pleasant during your interview because customers always want a friendly server who seems happy to serve them, hence you should show that at the interview.

2. Be enthusiastic.

You might want to show how enthusiastic you are about possibly working at the restaurant but don’t exaggerate, instead, show a strong interest. If you have some personal connection with the restaurant, for example, you had your 18th birthday here, or this is your favorite place to eat, don’t forget to mention that. By doing so, you demonstrate that this restaurant is very important to you and you’d spare no effort to make it a better place to eat. When you are asked about the reason why you want to work here, don’t simply answer “the food here is good”, instead, say something like “the varied menu here is good for people since everyone can find something they like”. Show that you have put your thought into the answers and this can impress your interviewers.

3. Respond quickly.

Becoming a server requires your ability to respond quickly to problems and be attentive to what customers need. A customer needs to know if his drink is running out, you will soon be there to refill, and the same goes for the interview. You might be asked with some tricky or difficult questions, and don’t feel rushed, just give a quick and well thought-out response. Do some research on the restaurant on its menu and dining style if you are not quite familiar with it. Moreover, practice question asking and answering with your friends prior to the interview so you can anticipate what questions will possibly be asked and how to answer them during your interview. If you can’t respond quickly or only able to mumble your answer, the employer may be less confident that you can provide a quick response to a customer who has problem with the meal or service.

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