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Job Interview Tips for Self-Introduction

Job Interview Tips for Self-Introduction

When you attend a job interview, probably the first asked question is “tell me about yourself”. Interviews are usually full of open questions and this one is often confusing especially for those who don’t have much interview experiences. Please remember, the purpose of an interview is to see if you are the right one for the job. Hence, you should answer this question by matching your life experience and skills with what the position and the company need.

1. Understand the purpose.

You should know that the purpose of the self-introduction is see if you are a person who can think on feet. It can also be a warm-up question to get you into the interview by talking about a topic that you are very familiar with, which is “yourself”. What you should keep in mind is, always respond to this question with positive information and link the answers to the requirements for the job position as much as you can. It is very important to demonstrate that you know something about the job and the company you are interviewing with.

2. Be prepared.

Do some research on the company and try to link your experience with the information you obtained for the company. Discuss about your skills, personality and work ethic. Show your passions and what you are good at. You should organize the ideas and answers prior to the interview so that you can let them flow smoothly. Work out a list or summary with the things you would like to talk about. Also, prepare some examples to give details on the topics you want to discuss.

3. First job interview.

For fresh graduates who are applying for their first job, they should discuss more about the educational experiences and how you will prepare for your working life with these experience. Emphasize on the skills that you obtained from schools such as how to develop strategies for meeting deadlines and how to do thorough research. Volunteer job is another good topic to cover, as well as some part-time jobs or projects that you worked with friends or your family.

4. Sell yourself.

Self-introduction is your best chance to sell yourself, and hence you should show your interviews with some examples why are the best candidate for this position, which is also what they want to know. You can pause after talking for about two to three minutes and allow the reviewers to ask you for details. If you meet with silence for your pause, try to ask some open-ended questions such as what else would you like to know. Please be enthusiastic and confident, since nobody knows you better than yourself!

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