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Job Interview Tips for Restaurant Jobs

Job Interview Tips for Restaurant Jobs

If you are applying for a position in food service industry, it is very important to show your personality, customer service skills as well as your work ethic. In order to be prepared for the interview, you need to spend time familiarizing yourself with the business, fine-tuning your resume to highlight your experience and restaurant-related skills as well as practicing answers to commonly asked interview questions.

1. Learn about the restaurant.

If you want to be competent and stand out from other competitors, you are recommended to take some time to do research about the restaurant you are interviewing with. Get familiar with their menu, cuisine, and business practices by scheduling a time during off-peak hours to visit the restaurant before you apply for the job. Keep an eye on how employees interact with their customers as well as the food, which is the most important, and the quality of service. Heading to your interview with the understanding of what the restaurants offers and what the restaurant expects from its employees makes you competitive in the interview.

2. Update your resume.

Prior to the interview, you should update your resume to make sure all your experiences that are relevant directly to the job are included. If you have any experience working with customers, even though it’s not in restaurant industry, highlight it. You resume is a prime opportunity to present your related background and give more information about your interests and education.

3. Practice answering questions.

Before you head to the interview, go through commonly asked questions. Most restaurants will ask you about your working history and experiences, your availability in schedule or how will you handle stressful situations. You can just prepare some general answers to these questions in advance so that you will be able to give quick and concise answers during the interview.

4. Let your personality shine.

If you look great, you feel great also. Hence, you should dress professionally for your interview. You can demonstrate your seriousness and interest in the position by presenting yourself in a professional manner. During the interview, let your personality shine. Your potential employer is trying to gauge if you are a good fit for the job and the rest of the team, and generally a restaurant requires employees to have dynamic communication and people skills. Present your abilities via a confident attitude throughout your interview.

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