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Job Interview Tips for Registered Nurses

Job Interview Tips for Registered Nurses

As one of the important part of a health care team, registered nurses help people recover from illness. In addition, registered nurses also help people understand how to maximize their chances to optimize health. Generally, registered nurses work in various settings such as schools, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. The process of applying for a registered nurse job can be full of intense, hence, here are some tips to help you land you the job more smoothly.

1. Prepare you paperwork.

Prior to your interview, you should get all your relevant paperwork prepared. As a registered nurse, you must have your state licensure. If you are going to work in specific areas such as neonatology nursing, you will also need additional certifications, for example, a certification in Neonatal Resuscitation. When you head to the interview, makes sure you bring both the original certificates, your diploma from nursing school, as well as other qualifying documents for your interviewer to examine. You can also bring some extra photocopies in case the interviewer needs them. It is your responsibility to ensure all the state licenses and certifications are up to date and if there appears a discrepancy in your credentials, you need to contact the local state board immediately to solve the problem. You will need a briefcase to store all your documents neatly and easy to reach during your interview.

2. Research the company.

Before the interview, you should conduct a thorough research on the company. First of all, you have to know where the company is and how to get there. Visit the company ahead of the interview so you can set aside sufficient time for driving on the day of interview. Go to the company’s website to learn as much about your potential employer as you can. The information you should care about is the hospital’s history, growth, procedures and nursing staff ratio.

3. Present your nursing knowledge.

Demonstrate your nursing knowledge on practices and procedures to the interviewer and give some examples of real scenarios. For example, if you have been able to find a medical error in your team as a pediatrics nurse, tell this story to your interviewer. If you were working in a large emergency room for two years, tell your interviewer what you learned from that experience. A qualified registered nurse should present the overall understanding of nursing principles and demonstrate their love for the area and the willingness to advance with it. Prepare for several stories that you can tell during the interview to help your interviewer understand that you can handle a difficult patient and you are able to take initiative in this position.

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