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Job Interview Tips for Pharmacist Jobs

Job Interview Tips for Pharmacist Jobs

A pharmacy career is rewarding but before you can land the job, you have to tackle the job interview. The job interview for a pharmacy job is not very different from any other types of job interviews, and some interview basics apply also, for example, dressing professionally and acting confidently. While, to successfully secure the pharmacy job, you will also need to demonstrate to your interviewer that you understand well the ins and outs of a pharmaceutical job.

1. Basic interview tips.

There are some common rules apply for almost all kinds of job interviews and you should know these rules when you are preparing for the interview. The very first tips is to dress professionally. It seems to be an obvious thing, however, there are countless stories about interviewees ruin their interviews simply due to their less professional appearances. By dressing professionally, you are telling the interviewer that you are serious to get the job and this is extra important during the moment you first meet with the interviewer since he is sizing you up. You will also need to act confidently. When you are shaking hands with your interviewer, avoid limp handshake and when you are talking, look at your interviewer in his eyes with a warm smile. Please keep in mind that you only get one chance of making a good first impression.

2. Anticipate and prepare for possible pharmaceutical questions.

Search for some examples of interviews for a pharmacy job and get an idea about what questions are most likely to be asked. Practice answering the possible questions with one of your friends or a family member in a form of a mock interview. Some frequently asked questions include:

“If you regard yourself as a drug, what drug will it be?”

“What is the most interesting thing in a pharmacy job?”

“How will you handle an irate patient?”

“What kind of drug treatment do you recommend if a patient has a XXX disease?”

“What do you think is the most effective management style for health-care professionals?”

Put some thought into the answers and you interviewer can understand that you have the right skills required for the job. Prepare the questions thoroughly before the interview and once you are at the interview, answer the questions confidently.

3. Answer questions thoughtfully and clearly.

During the interview, try to answer each question in a clear and thoughtful fashion. If you prepare well prior to the interview, you will see how well this section goes through. Above all, be honest when you answer questions. The interview is a good way for the interviewer to figure out if you can fit in with their company while it is also a way for you to judge if you fit the position well. When you answer the questions, highlight your qualifications to boost your chance of landing the job. Please keep in mind: you already have the required knowledge as a pharmacist and you are just talking with a group of your fellows in the pharmacy industry; hence don’t be nervous and keep your interview to be a simple dialogue.

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