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Job Interview Tips for People with Disabilities

Job Interview Tips for People with DisabilitiesMost people have experience that you would feel stressful when you are having an interviewing for a new job, especially you are disabled, and for you would worry the interviewer would count you out before you really get a chance to prove your own ability to do the job well. It is illegal to hold discrimination against disabled people. Therefore, if you are disabled, you should know your rights well and implement them legally, which could helpful in protecting you from discrimination. What you should do in the interview is just to impress the interviewer by showing your ability in performance of the duties required for the job.

1. Reveal your own disability.

As stipulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act that there is no requirement if you are not willing to inform your potential employer of your disability. Although the employers are required to provide accommodations to those with disabilities, helping them accomplish their jobs according to the Act, you should not tell your potential employers that if being hired, you need accommodations during the interview. However, you could talk about any accommodations you might need once you’re given the job.

2. Hide your obvious disability before interview.

Before the interview, you should hide your obvious disabilities, such as your blindness, sitting in a wheelchair or other obvious disabilities. Once you get the confirmed offer of an interview, you could now reveal your disability, and talk something about the special accommodations you might need for work during your interview, during which period of time, you should do your utmost to make your interviewer relaxed, for he might not be familiar with your disability and would be careful about whether he would offending you or not..

3. Be aware of the questions raised by the interviewer.

According to the law, the interviewer has no right to ask questions about your disability during the job interview, including those related to either physical or mental disabilities. Questions should target mainly at your skills, techniques or other special qualifications necessary for the position you are applying for. As for the potentially illegal questions, you should take them carefully, trying to deal with the underlying concern behind them. For example, if your interviewer asks about your health, he really shows his concern about whether you could be able to do the job well. In this case, you should try your best to ensure your interviewer that you are capable of performing your job duties and at the same time avoid directly answering the questions about your health.

4. Have the job offer after interview.

If your employer has the job offer to you and he is now allowed to ask questions concerning your state of physical or mental health. However he should keep what you have answered confidential and he should not give off his offer if provided with the information about your state of health. In such case, it is also  the better time to tell your employer any special accommodations necessary for you to perform the job duties..

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