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Job Interview Tips for Nursing Jobs

Job Interview Tips for Nursing Jobs

You have secured your interview for a nursing job, and now you need to get ready for it. Physicians want to hire the best nurses on the team, hence, during the interview, your character and credentials will be closely examined. No matter you are a seasoned nurse or a graduate just exiting nursing school, you need to put your utmost effort to successfully land the job.

1. Preparation for the interview.

In order to get prepared for the interview, you should do your homework, pack all the essentials and memorize your lines. The essentials you should pack include multiple copies of your resume that have been proofread, nursing license or passing board scores, personal references including your previous managers’ titles, names, and contact methods. Sometimes the company wants to do a background check on you, hence, it’s a good choice to bring a list of your previous addresses (last five to seven years) with you.

The homework you should do includes studying the medical facility prior to the interview, visiting the company’s website for general information, learning their history and mission. If you demonstrate your understanding of the company during your interview, your potential employer will know that you are genuinely interested in the company and the position. On the day of interview, arrive at the scheduled location at least ten to twenty minutes earlier and dress professionally. Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and a warm smile.

2. Practice answering questions and ask your own.

There are some common questions that you will be asked during your interview and that is your opportunity to show your commitment level and your knowledge of the industry. You will most likely be asked about your teamwork skills, how you will handle difficult physicians, how you plan to work with difficult patients and their families, what will you do with interruptions or how will you give treatments that you have never administered in the past.

It is essential to illustrate to your interviewer that how you dealt with challenging situations in your previous working atmosphere. Give some examples of real scenarios, as minor as comforting your patients with soothing words, or as major as giving injection to save one’s life.

To show your interest for the company, you can also prepare your own questions including: “How many nurses are assigned to a patient in general?” “Do you have any kind of support staff to assist nurses?” “Is there any advancement opportunities for nurses?” Some well-thought questions can also help increase your odds of landing the nursing job.

After the interview, send a thank-you note to each of your interviewer within 24 hours. You might also want to include some details during the interview to remind your interview and restate your interest in the position as well as outline why they should pick you.

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