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Job Interview Tips for Landing Your First Job

Job Interview Tips for Landing Your First Job

Now you are going to have your interview and you are a step closer to your dream job. Everyone wants a successful job interview but the path to landing the job requires solid preparation and practice. By applying some of the following interview tips, you might be able to edge out the competition and secure the golden opportunity.

1. Get prepared for the interview.

A report from CNN reveals that from the point of views of more than half of hiring managers, one of the biggest mistake during a job interview is to dress inappropriately. If this is your first job interview, you should do some research on how to dress in a clean and professional fashion. Generally, men should look for a professional suit that is well-fitting while women are recommended to wear a professional suit with either pants or knee-length skirt. In addition, women can also opt for a crisp blouse, a vest or a cardigan. However, you should absolutely avoid low-cut tops, open-toe shoes and short hemlines. The hair and makeups should also be kept clean and professional.

Before you go to the interview, do some research on the position and the company. Usually, you can do the research from your home computer and find out information related with qualifications, duties and tasks corresponding with specific positions. Additionally, look through the history and culture of the company. In order to avoid getting losing before the interview, you should visit the scheduled locations in advance.

2. Practice makes perfect.

Most people will get nervous when attending a job interview and you can alleviate your nervousness through practice. You can start the practice with a firm handshake and eye contact. Brainstorm some possible questions and practice answering them. Some commonly asked questions are: “Describe your strength and weakness.” “Tell me more about yourself?” “Why would you like to work here?” Sometimes you might be confronted with a few tricky behavioral questions, which are expecting specific answers from you. Such behavioral questions normally looks like: “Give me a specific situation that you go above and beyond for a customer. Describe a time when you committed a mistake and what did you learn from it?”

3. Follow-up the interview.

When you have finished the job interview, follow it up with a professional thank-you note by mail. In addition, write an email thank-you note to each of your interviewers within 24 hours from the interview. The simple strategies are overlooked sometimes, but they could be just what is needed to edge out other competitors.

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