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Job Interview Tips for Kindergarten Teaching Positions

Job Interview Tips for Kindergarten Teaching Positions

There are a lot of people aspire to influence the life of children, and among them, some become parents, some choose to purse career in medical field, while some others choose to become teachers. Kindergarten teaching might be the first experience of children with adults in care giving roles. As a kindergarten teacher, one should be able to both meet the needs for children and instill their desire to learn. If you are planning to apply for a kindergarten teaching position, follow some of the tips to help you land the job.

1. Do some research on the school’s philosophy.

Different schools have various philosophies and this is what you should study on prior to your interview. Some school may allow children to explore on their own and learn things according to their interests, while other schools prefer to foster an environment that adults direct the children in each subject and arrange the activities every day. Hence, it is important that you do some research on the school and understand its discipline, educational practices, as well as academic expectations. The information can usually be found on the school’s website. In addition, you need to link your own ideas and the school’s philosophy so that you will be able to discuss about these concepts during your interview.

2. Present your lesson plan examples.

Before the interview, you should also prepare some sample lesson plans and include them in your portfolio. Some of the kindergarten’s tasks are to encourage children to gain independence, begin learning academic skills and develop social skills, etc. It will be efficient if an applicant can incorporate these abilities into his or her daily teaching plan. When you are presenting the lesson plan, you should also pay attention to children’s nature, for example, their interests, attention span, and so forth. During the interview, refer to your lesson plan and explain how you will handle circumstances that don’t fit the plan, for example, sick children or temper tantrums.

3. Dress professionally.

Kindergarten activities typically involve interactive play with children, so a kindergarten teacher might want to wear clothing that is suitable for interactive play. However, your job interview is in adult world, hence you should not dress in that way for interview. Instead, dress professionally to demonstrate your seriousness and interest for the position.

4. Ask questions.

During the interview, you might also have your chance to ask questions. If well-thought questions can be asked, you will impress your potential employer and increase the probability of landing the job. For kindergarten job interview, your questions should be related with children’s academic preparedness. Since different schools have various requirements for children’s beginning academic skills, you need to ask something regarding the preparation that each child needs to receive before attending the kindergarten.

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