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Job Interview Tips for HR jobs

Job Interview Tips for HR jobs

Generally, interviewing for a job is pretty stressful while interviewing for an HR job with a human resources department is even more stressful. No matter you have previous HR experience or just look for a career start in HR, the same rules can be applied: communicate with interviewers on your strengths and show your interest in the industry and the organization in general.

1. Communicate your strength.

You can communicate your strength by describing your previous experience or achievements that can be interpreted as valuable assets for the organization that you are interviewing with. Please make sure to discuss about any applicable certifications or specialized training in HR field. If you do not have direct experience in HR field, you can discuss some other experiences and combine them with HR procedures, for example, you can talk about human services, volunteer management, psychology experience, or curriculum and training development. Please be humble and show your willingness to further develop the HR skills and get ready to learn new skills as well.

2. Show your interest of the organization.

The interviewers are not expecting you to know the specific HR policies or procedures for their organization, instead, they want you to do some research on the organization and to be able to raise questions based on your interest in working with the organization. You should practice and think actively to ask questions, especially those closely related with operations of HR department.

3. Present your interest in HR industry.

You should also show your interest in the HR industry as a whole and your willingness to think expansively concerning human resources by listing the areas that you want to obtain more experiences. For instance, if you are interested in diversity, you can ask what the organization’s diversity policy is and after you’re listening to the answer from the interviewer, you can initiate a short dialogue about your previous experience in managing diversity initiatives or programs and how you expect to gain extra experience through this particular organization.

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