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Job Interview Tips for Esthetician Jobs

Job Interview Tips for Esthetician Jobs

If you have applied for an esthetician job in a salon, you should prepare for the interview. However, it is difficult to find things to focus on. One of the best strategy to prepare yourself is to go through some possible questions, either broad or specific and rehearse your answers. During the interview, you will need to answer questions, demonstrate your ability and find more about the position as well as the establishment.

1. Prepare your resume.

Resume is very important in job hunting since almost every interviewer will reference to it during your interview. Your resume should be concise but providing enough details about your backgrounds and experiences. You have to be honest and present yourself truthfully because you will get follow-up questions based on your resume. Give a detailed description on your education and then follow with your previous experiences. Don’t forget to add every specific skill that you have and other general qualification that might be helpful in landing the job, for example, speaking a second language.

2. Present your background.

You resume might play a vital role to get you in the interview, but you should know how to expand your resume when you are heading to the interview. For example, if you have listed your experience of doing a skin evaluation, you should expect questions about which technique you normally use. You will need to practice the answers so that you can appear more polished when answering questions at the interview. Perhaps you don’t have much experiences in working in the field, and don’t worry, some employers even prefer to work with estheticians with a blank slate, and all you need to do is to get ready for the questions about your work history. You don’t know and can’t control what kind of employee is preferred by your interviewer, so you just do your part and present yourself intelligently. Some commons questions that might be asked during an interview for esthetician job could be: why you want to be an esthetician, why I should hire you, why you want to work at tis specific establishment, etc. Go through the answers in advance and answer them confidently.

3. Ask your own questions and explain your needs.

As you may know, salon is a flexible place to work. During the interview, you might be asked about what hours you would like to work and how much money you want to make. Prior to the interview, you should have an idea about these questions. You will also be able to ask your own questions at the interview, and the questions can be something like what scope of practice will be at this facility, what equipment will be supplied, what training will be provided, what responsibilities you will have as  far as attracting clients.

4. Demonstrate your talents

Last but not the least, you may also be told to perform a sample treatment to demonstrate your skills to your potential employer. Before the interview, you should think about how to perform a basic facial or skin evaluation or some other relatively brief treatments. The point is that the salon owner would lie to see if you are a good fit for the position and he generally wants to see solid skills and the willingness to learn from his future employee.

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