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Job Interview Tips for Customer Service Representatives of Airlines

Interview Tips for Customer Service Representatives of Airlines

If you want to work for an airline, you could get some advantages, like reduced or free flights and the opportunity to go around the world. But the work of an airline customer service representative is not easy and sometimes you have to face the challenges: such as working for long hours, unscheduled timetables during holidays or weekends, dealing with angry customers and tracing lost luggage. Although it is the tough job, there are so many applicants for such job every year, and only small percent of them are hired. Here are a few tips for you to follow when you apply for such job.

1. Keep a professional and positive attitude.

Airlines want to hire the people who could energize their fellow coworkers and customers in the ordinary but stressful environment. And those employees who could show their professionalism, personal charm and willingness to offer help to its customers are top choice for airlines. Therefore, during the interview, you should make the interviewer believe you are the strongest candidate by keeping a good posture, being relaxed with smiles and maintaining expressive and attentive eye contact. All these manners would be much helpful in adding some positive marks for you to get the job.

2. Show your cool-headedness character.

If you want to have a successful interview for an airline customer service representative, you should show clearly how well you would react under the stressful situation because of heavy pressure you have to stand when working for an airline. So during the interview, you had better demonstrate your willingness to solve problems together with the customers rather than making them angrier by mechanically following the rules. Before going to the interview, you could prepare at least three examples of how you could calmly deal with an angry customer and finally get his recognition and solve the problems ideally. If possible, you could take time to go to the airport a few days before your own interview. You could stand away to see in which way the customer service representatives serve customers. Please watch closely their body languages and try to write down what they would talk to the customers when they deal with delays or cancellations. So, when you are asked about the same cases, you could easily give the right answers you have learnt from the airline staff.

3. Better understand the company’s history and rules.

When you apply for the job of an airline customer service representative, you should collect information about the history or rules of such airline. During the interview, you should directly explain in your best understanding that you are the best candidate because of you know well about and do appreciate the company’s ideas and culture. For example, if you apply for such a job with Delta, you had better read its customer service policy carefully, which would help you answer the questions related to its customer service rules and regulations. It is strongly suggested that you could regard the job description as studying guidelines for the questions which may be raised during interview. You could do it in this way: just next to each line showing the job skills and requirements, you could write down something that is closely linked with the previous job experience you had before.

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